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April's inflation rate

The inflation numbers are being closely watched because people are hoping the Bank of Canada (BOC) will lower rates. Over the past 8 months the BOC has been making nice progress of controlling inflation. The inflation rate has fallen from 8.1% to 4.3%. However, the level of inflation for April has increased to 4.4%, beating expectations. This may put a damper on where rates are going and there are talks that the BOC will increase rates. I do not see rates going down anytime soon, even next year. Most people are assuming rates will decrease by the end of this year.

Cheapest homes in the GTA

The Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is a large and diverse region with a wide range of housing options at different price points. However, generally speaking, the cheapest houses in the GTA can be found in some of the more suburban or rural areas outside of the city.

Some of the more affordable areas in the GTA include:

  1. Durham Region - This area east of Toronto includes cities like Oshawa, Whitby, and Ajax, which offer relatively affordable housing options compared to Toronto and the surrounding areas.

Where are real estate prices dropping?

Here is something I got from a website that answers a very popular question. Looking to get into the market before the next upswing. Call or dm me.

Best plants for a home

Here is an article about best plants for a home. Plants make a great addition to any home. 

Common inducements Realtor use

Inducements are used by Reators to attract clients and persuade them to do business with a Realtor. The type of inducement used varies and depends on market conditions. They come in and out of style. The attached article explains inducements. 

Best Neighborhoods in Toronto

Hi everyone!

Now that the buyers are coming back, I thought I attach the best neighborhoods in Toronto. There are a lot of great neighborhoods in Toronto and they do not have to be in downtown. The attached file shows the best neighborhoods based on desirability. Thinking about buying and selling in Toronto. Toronto is a great place to be in terms of being close to all amenities,shopping and transit. Call or dm me and see how I can help.  

Changes to the Foreign Buyers Plan

After considerable lobbying efforts, the Federal Government has decided to amend the Foreign Buyers Ban. We do not really know who is a foreign buyer or not because some people have residences in two countries or they do business in at least two countries. Canada should remain an open economy because everyone will benefit. The government should focus on providing affordable housing. 

Article from Treb

Rent to Own Homes

This option has become very popular these days for several reasons:

Home ownership has become impossible as many Canadians have been priced out of the market despite the drop in real estate prices

In today's market, some landlords have used rent to own homes as a hedge in case their property values have dropped in value

Many Canadians have found it difficult to save for a downpayment, especially in this high infaltion economy

Guaranteed Sale Program

You see this all the time, on bus signs, buses and bill boards. Realtors saying "I will sell your home guaranteed or I will buy it!" Here is a short article that explains a little about this sales tactic. Most realtors say it is a gimick. You must read the fine print!

Looking to buy or sell your home? Call or Dm me. 

10 Low cost ways to renovate your bathroom

Looking to renovate your bathroom? Here is an article that shows how to renovate your bathroom without spending a lot of money. 

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